Technological innovation drives the future

2022 Frankfurt [Shenzhen Special Exhibition] was postponed for 55 days and was finally launched successfully today (February 15, 2023)!
At this exhibition, Aozoom launched a series of breakthrough new products:

1. TIR collimation technology direct lens has become the ceiling level in the industry;

2. The series of external high-beam enhancement modules integrate advanced lens technology into the research and development of external high-beam modules, becoming the first in the industry;

3. The three-color dual-light small-size fog light lens is the first of its kind in technology. It takes into account both high and low beams, and can also change the three colors. It is available in 3.0 inches and 2.0 inches. It can be installed in large and small spaces, even on motorcycles. , one light with multiple uses!

If you want to know more information, you can move to the exhibition hall and look forward to your visit.

Aozoom booth number: Hall 11 H95
Exhibition time: February 15-18, 2023
Exhibition address: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
Aozoom shenzhen show 1
Aozoom shenzhen show 2
Aozoom shenzhen show 4
Aozoom shenzhen show 3
Aozoom shenzhen show 5

In 2023, domestic and foreign markets will be fully liberalized and information will be highly circulated, which means that market competition will become more intense and technological innovation will become more rapid. If Aozoom wants to break through in an era of high involution, it must continue to improve its products, services and brands. Improve own strength!
In the three years since the epidemic, Aozoom has been committed to building super product strength and has made great breakthroughs in technological innovation and appearance design. In terms of services, it has also been unanimously praised by the industry. In terms of brand promotion, Aozoom has become a star. Endorsing brands and CCTV broadcast brands, looking to the future, Aozoom will work harder to break through itself, provide better products to global agents, and provide more secure products to the majority of car owners!
The “post-epidemic era” is full of changes and uncertainties. The new environment and new markets also face new opportunities and challenges. Aozoom has the confidence and ability to continue to lead the development of the industry!