The development of LED Lighting Needs Technical Research and Concept Change

The development of LED lighting needs not only technical research and development but also concept change.

Saving energy is an important problem that we face in the future. In lighting field, LED product’s application is attracting the global attention. As a new type of green light source product, LED is necessarily future development trend, and the 21st century will become the new era that the LED lighting source is regarded as a representative.

In the late 20th century, as a green light source, the emergence of the white LED, with its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long lifespan, easy maintenance and other characteristics, has gotten the wide attention of the developed countries, region governments, research institutions and enterprises and one of the competitive focuses of high technology fields, triggering new revolution of lighting source, known as strategic industry of high technology fields in the 21st century.

The light source history of the human is a civilization history of the human. From natural light to power lighting to today’s LED green lighting, human civilization goes into the light constantly in the shine of different light sources.

LED lighting is reputed as the second lighting revolution of human history after the lighting incandescent lamps. Energy consumption of LED lighting is one tenth of the normal light’s, while the lifespan can last up to 100,000 hours. According to experts estimate, if LED lighting can capture a third of lighting electricity market in china, it will be saved 200 billion kilowatt hours each year, whose electric energy production is equivalent to over two of The Three Gorges Projects. At present, because of the severe energy situation in our country, developing LED lighting technology will provide a new opportunity for saving energy and developing green lighting.

After many years of development, Chinese LED lighting industry, growing out of nothing, has been developing rapidly. At present many LED industrialization bases have been formed in our country. Through the start up of “National LED Lighting Project” and the implementation of “863” Plan, Chinese high brightness LED industry has entered the accelerated development stage, and initially formed relatively complete development and industry system, from the upstream materials, middle chip preparation to downstream device assembly and integrated application. China has become one of the big countries that produce and export LED lighting appliances in the world.

Result deserves affirmation, but at the same time we should see that our industry scale and market share are not high in the international market, and hi-tech product development ability needs further improvement. The cultivation of LED lighting products and enterprises that have own property right has become a top priority.