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Here we give some answers and solutions for mostly frequently asked questions from our former customers. Hope you can find some helpful info before cooperate with us.

Of course, if you have any other queries, please feel free to let us know through the email in our contact info.

Trade termsThere are 13 kinds of trade terms of INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL TERMS (INCOTERMS), but we usually take 4 kinds from them as bellow:

EXW-Ex Works

“Ex works” means that the seller fulfils the obligation to deliver when he has made the goods available at his premises (i.e. works, factory, warehouse, etc) to the buyer. In particular, he is not responsible for clearing the goods for export, unless otherwise agreed. The buyer bears all costs and risks involved in taking the goods from the seller’s premises to the desired destination. This term thus represents the minimum obligation for the seller. In the other way it identifies that the price for the products are most competitive.

FOB-Free on Board-(named port of shipment)

“Free on Board” means that the seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when the goods have passed over the ship’s rail at the named port of shipment. This means that the buyer has to bear all costs and risks of loss of or damage to the goods from that point.The FOB term requires the seller to clear the goods for export.

CFR-Cost and Freight

“Cost and Freight” means that the seller must pay the costs and freight necessary to bring the goods to the named port of destination but the risk of loss of or damage to the goods, as well as any additional costs due to events occurring after the time the goods have been delivered on board the vessel is transferred from the seller to the buyer when the goods pass the ship’s rail in the port of shipment.The CFR term requires the seller to clear the goods for export.

CIF-Cost, Insurance and Freight

“Cost, Insurance and Freight” means that the seller has the same obligations as under CFR but with the addition that he has to procure marine insurance against the buyer’s risk of loss of or damage to the goods during the carriage. The seller contracts for insurance and pays the insurance premium.The buyer should note that under the CIF term the seller is only required to obtain insurance on minimum coverage.The CIF term requires the seller to clear the goods for export.

Above terms are usually used for higher order volume, for sample order or small cargo, we can also take the way of Express or Air shipment, if by express service that means door to door service, if by Air shipment, we usually take responsibility to handle the shipment from our factory to your destination airport, we will make the export docs and then you only have to do is to clear your cargo from your import customs.

after-salesQ: If I have a problem with the merchandise I purchased from GC LIGHT, how do I get help?

A: For most issues, simply contact us through email as sales(at)gclights.com in the contact info. If you believe there is a defective merchandise issue, we will verify if it is for manufacturer warranty (if applicable) or returns to GC light for return service. But usually you should have a view or test of the products once you received it, we can only handle the problem of 30 days after your receiving date. And all the transport fees for return should be at the side of buyers.


TransportQ: What’s your general delivery time?

A: After we talked and discussed on every details of the order and then confirm the PI, we will go to arrange the production according to your TT copy.  It usually takes us 15 working days to finish the order and make the delivery, but it also influenced by our other order situation like some hot products with longer time material preparing time. But in any way, we will try our best to short the production time to meet your demands, our sales people will surely inform you in time on the delivery time.

In the other way, we are also following our planning order process, which means we are not able to immediately insert your order before others, thus to compete in your sales season, you will need to consider our delivery period, shipping period and your local customs clearance time to make some extra stock before the sales seasons coming, this will help you to respond your final users very fast.

Q: What’s your general shipping policy?

A: Nearly all products ordered from us are shipped via Express, air shipment or sea shipment unless otherwise requested. All external shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer and should be considered when calculating the cost of your order. International customers are responsible for all customs duties, fees and/or taxes applied in their home countries. GC light is not responsible for any customs duties,  fees or taxes imposed in your home country. Once your payment has been completed and any necessary verification has been done, please allow 10 business days for the estimated time of delivery from the shipment date by air, or even 30 days by Sea, all, these depends on where you are from and which way you choose too delivery your cargo, while we usually suggest to take sea shipment as this one is the most cost efficiency way to save your products cost and make you more profit and competitive in your local market. GC light will notify you via email the moment your item is shipped.

GC light lists the hottest products to hit the market. Due to local demand, there are times when some items may not be available at the time of your order. The dates of shipment are only indicative. In such cases, we will notify you immediately when the product should be available and the estimated amount of time it will take to be delivered.  

Q: Can you ship to my country?

A: Technically, we can ship any item to any valid address in any country in the world. If there are issues, we will let you know at the first opportunity.

Q: What is Risk of Loss?

A: All items purchased from GC light are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the courier, although we will make every effort to resolve any shipping disputes with you. Choose an insurable shipping option. Of course you can freely to use your own forwarder. We will follow your instruction carefully.

PriceOne of our major elements of the marketing mix is price. Price is an important strategic issue because it is related to product positioning. Furthermore, pricing affects other marketing mix elements such as product features, channel decisions, and promotion.

While there is no single recipe to determine pricing, while we always take the cost calculate methods to determine pricing. As we have several lines of products which various quite differently among their price.

  1. HID light products are the first range project we entered into and with many years’ experiences on it, thus the material quality, cost and also the technology are quite mature, which means we only keep a minimum margin and give the most competitive price against our counterparts. In such way, we can grow up with our clients together and also help our valued distributors and dealers to occupy more market to compete with our competitors.
  2. LED range products are the one we dedicated to offer more light choice for our clients. It includes LED Headlight which already updated from 1st generation to 4th generation, LED light bar and LED work light for all kinds of mining vehicles with tighten technology even work in high vibration and harsh conditions, marine boat of our stainless steel brackets, off road purpose SUV with our LED high power chips, ATV/UTV, and also transport vehicles etc. Their applications are tremendous.

If you want to get the latest price for the products you most interested, please don’t hesitate to inquiry us at sales(at)gclights.com, we are always here and happy to give the best support. Meantime, as our main business is target to find the good wholesalers in each country, the more volume you can take the more will help us to have more strength to talk to our raw material suppliers, thus the price we offer will be more competitive.

USDQ: What is the Payment Methods?

To protect customers’ privacy, we accept West Union, Paypal and TT payment methods. West Union and Paypal, while we will offer the account info and you will do it once received our confirm Invoice, that is the same as TT.

Usually we will take 30% advanced payment before production, and then 70% payment before the shipment.

Q: What is the currency you take?

We usually take USD as the price currency, it is more stabel. However due to some countries policy we can also accept EUROs, while as EUROs exchange rate against CNY fluctuated a lot during the past years, thus we don’t suggest to take it, if finally agreed by both seller and buyer, and the final payment will be adjusted according to the latest exchange rate if fluctuation more than 1% against the time when advanced payment confirmed.