24V truck projector lens brings more light to night-driving

ALPD 1109 5 scaled - 24V truck projector lens brings more light to night-driving

Trucks play a very important role in modern logistics. They can quickly transport goods from one place to another, improve logistics efficiency, save costs for enterprises, and increase transportation benefits.


The driving characteristics of trucks are very different from those of cars, mainly in the following aspects:

  • Large vehicle size: The weight and load capacity of trucks are larger than those of cars.
  • Long driving distance: The driving speed of trucks is relatively low compared to cars. This is partly because of the large inertia of the heavy vehicles, and also due to the need to consider road conditions, traffic, driving safety, and other factors. However, trucks often have to travel long distances, from one city to another, or even from one country to another.
  • Complex driving environment: Truck drivers usually have to drive for long periods of time at night, because traffic is usually smoother at night and fuel economy is better. However, night driving is often more complex and challenging.


In this article, we will discuss how a bright headlight can help truck drivers during night driving. First, let’s take a look at the voltage difference between trucks and cars. Generally speaking, the voltage of trucks is higher than that of cars. Specifically, the voltage of trucks is usually around 24V, while that of cars is usually around 12V.

This is because trucks have a higher engine power and require more electrical power support. The higher the voltage of the vehicle’s electrical system, the smaller the current in the circuit, which can reduce line and wire losses, and improve the efficiency and stability of the electrical system.

At the same time, the electrical system of trucks also needs to carry more electronic devices, such as engine control modules, on-board navigation, on-board entertainment, etc., which require more power support. Therefore, a higher voltage is used to ensure the work of the electrical system.

It should be noted that because of the voltage difference between trucks and cars, when repairing and replacing the vehicle’s electrical system, it is necessary to use electrical components and power sources with the corresponding voltage, otherwise equipment damage or circuit short-circuiting may occur.


Many truck drivers feel that their car lighting is not bright enough at night. If the truck’s headlights are too weak, it can bring the following drawbacks and dangers:

  • Limited visibility: If the car lights are too dim, the driver’s visibility will be limited, especially at night or in rainy or foggy weather.
  • If the lights are too weak, the driver may have difficulty seeing the road ahead, which can lead to traffic accidents.
  • Increased driving difficulty: If car lights are too weak, the driver needs to concentrate more to observe the road conditions, which increases driving difficulty and the risk of fatigue driving.
  • Threat to the safety of others: If car lights are too weak, especially the low beam lights, it can affect the vision of other drivers or pedestrians, increasing the risk of injury to others.
  • Violation of traffic rules: If car lights are too weak and do not meet the requirements of traffic rules, the driver may be fined or penalized.


Therefore, in order to ensure driving safety, car lights need to maintain sufficient brightness, especially at night or in rainy or foggy weather, and the high-beam lights should be turned on to increase the driver’s visibility and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

24V truck - 24V truck projector lens brings more light to night-driving


Why do truck drivers complain that their headlights are too weak? There may be several reasons:

  • Large vehicle height and weight: Trucks have a larger height and weight than ordinary vehicles, so they need stronger headlights to ensure driving safety. If the lights are too weak, the driver’s visibility range will be limited, affecting driving safety.
  • Long nighttime driving: Truck drivers usually need to drive for a long time at night. If the lights are too weak, it can lead to fatigue driving, affecting driving safety.
  • External environmental influences: Trucks may be affected by various external environmental factors during driving, such as rainy or snowy weather, haze, night driving, etc. If the lights are too weak, it can affect the driver’s visibility and driving safety.
  • Improper adjustment of lights: The adjustment of truck lights needs to be adjusted according to the vehicle’s load and road conditions. If the adjustment is improper, weak lights can also affect the driver’s driving safety.


Therefore, truck drivers who complain about weak truck headlights need to pay attention to issues such as vehicle height and weight, nighttime driving time, external environmental influences, and light adjustment, and take appropriate measures to ensure driving safety.


What methods can be used to improve truck headlight brightness? Several methods can be used:

  • Replace high-brightness light bulbs: The brightness of truck lights is related to the light bulbs used. High-brightness light bulbs can be replaced to improve light brightness and enhance the vehicle’s visual effect.
  • Install LED lenses: LED lights have high brightness, low power consumption, and long service life. They can replace traditional halogen bulbs, improve light brightness and stability, and enhance driving safety.
  • Install auxiliary lights: Auxiliary lights can be installed on the top, side, or bottom of the truck to increase the range and visibility of lights, improve the vehicle’s visual effect and driving safety.


It should be noted that when upgrading truck lights, appropriate light bulbs, LED lights, or auxiliary lights should be selected according to the brand, model, and load of the truck, and corresponding installation and adjustment work should be carried out to ensure driving safety.


Compared with traditional halogen bulb light upgrades, LED lens light upgrades have the following advantages:

  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: LED lens lights can save energy and reduce fuel consumption, which is more environmentally friendly.
  • Long service life: LED lens lights have a longer service life than traditional halogen bulbs, reducing the frequency of light replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Easy installation: LED lens lights are installed in a professional way;they can provide vehicles that meet the requirements of road safety regulations after installation. It will not cause adverse effects on other road safety users and is one of the best choices for lighting upgrades.
  • color temperature can choose: The color temperature of the LED lens light can be adjusted to meet the needs of different drivers and improve driving comfort.


In summary, the LED lens lighting upgrade has the advantages of high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, long life, and convenient installation. It can improve driving safety and reduce vehicle maintenance costs. It is a very good upgrade choice.

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