On September 15, 2023, Aozoom’s “ALL WIN” Southeast Asia agent conference officially kicked off in Pattaya, Thailand! This is the first agent summit held by Aozoom overseas. It comprehensively demonstrates Aozoom’s advanced core brand power and R&D strength, which is a milestone.
The meeting invited more than a hundred partners from Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian regions to discuss Aozoom’s globalization strategy and technical strategies in the field of automotive lighting, and to jointly seek Aozoom’s global development of the brand.

Many leaders attended the meeting, including the general manager, deputy general manager, technical R&D director & deputy general manager of the Aozoom brand, senior engineers, and the manager of the Aozoom Kirin business unit.


Preliminary communication & on-site survey
This meeting involves communication and cooperation between three countries, the material design, layout, process setting of the venue, and the division of labor arrangements for the personnel at the meeting site. Full communication and consultation were carried out before the meeting. A planning company from Thailand, the Aozoom agent in India, and the staff at the Aozoom factory headquarters in China, although they are from different countries, they all came together because of Aozoom and used “high-level” performance to show a very high teamwork spirit, just for Presenting a wonderful reunion event.

Aozoom brand
The first overseas marketing summit
Work together for win-win cooperation. At the beginning of the meeting, the general manager of Aozoom Brand made a relevant speech. First of all, he would like to express a warm welcome to the partners who have come from afar; secondly, he would like to recognize and speak highly of the efforts of my overseas family members, and look forward to joining hands with more like-minded partners to achieve new leaps forward!

Since its establishment in 2014, in the past 10 years, Aozoom has covered more than 50 countries and regions around the world and has developed rapidly in many markets around the world. At present, Aozoom has a high brand reputation in China and Southeast Asia. Relying on the company’s globalization strategy, strong technology research and development capabilities, and rich marketing and promotion, it continues to expand the brand’s global influence and become the world’s leading automotive lighting brand.

Technology Strategy
Empower global partners

Benchmarking the leading brands in the global car lighting market, using international advanced car lighting intelligent manufacturing technology as the standard, innovative research and development in multiple dimensions such as product appearance, functional structure, and user experience have given Aozoom car lighting products higher recognition and Competitiveness.

New product release
Build product core strength
This meeting specially invited the director of Aozoom Technology R&D Center to introduce the new product release plan to overseas partners, and test the product’s “luminous intensity”, “brightness”, “uniformity”, “luminous flux” and other product capabilities on site.
The new car lamp upgrade products embody Aozoom’s advanced technology and design concepts, inspiring overseas partners’ confidence in future development.

Join forces together
Win-win cooperation moves towards a new journey
The continuous deepening of overseas markets and the vigorous growth and development of the brand are inseparable from the long-term support and trust of global partners. Every precious Aozoom family member plays a vital role in its achievements.

The successful convening of this conference once again demonstrates Aozoom’s determination to adhere to global development. In the future, we will continue to work with global agent partners, supported by excellent products, technologies and services, to accelerate the expansion of overseas territory in an all-round way and build the global influence of the Aozoom brand.