The bright future of LED industry development

High profile appearance, the development of LED industry is like splitting a bamboo. As the most notable new generation of LED light source in the world, LED is well known as the most promising green lighting source in the 21 century with its high brightness, low heat, long life span, non toxic, recycling and renewable advantages, etc. The LED industry in China started in the 1970s. China has become the top producer and the second largest exporter of electrical lighting in the world after nearly 40 years of development.

With the support of the policy, many enterprises begin to pay more attention to the development potential of LED industry and raise a remarkable wave of LED. With the motivation of the policy, LED lighting production value has been significantly promoted. LED lighting market brings fast development period in 2011. The LED lighting, an event with endless business opportunities, is the trend of The Times, and consumer market opportunity is considerable.

As green light source, LED lighting will replace the traditional lighting. LED lighting will replace the traditional lighting products in the future. The hot LED lighting product is a kind of cold light source, which doesn’t exist such problems as the heat precipitation and burned filament that traditional lighting products often occur. LED has the advantages of long life and durability, whose life span is ten times longer than that of the traditional product. LED belongs to high and innovative advanced product, under the control of the computer, it can manipulate better online programming and upgrade anytime, so it is more suitable for today’s digital information development. The most important is, LED lighting products accord with environmental protection concept with low energy consumption, the dc drive and 100 percent of power conversion between electricity and light. In the same lighting case, LED lighting product can save energy over 80 percent than traditional lighting products.

On the base of the market demand, with the support of national policy, the development of lighting industry contains enormous potential. From sales situation related of listed company, future business and profitability of the LED lighting industry have a broad space and stability.

From the above, related experts predict that LED lighting market will be gradually mature in the next 10 years, which is also the most critical transformation period from traditional lighting products to LED lighting products.