Warm congratulations:
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AOZOOM MALAYSIA 2023 Lighting Modification Professional Training
Elite class·first period
Successful graduation!
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From October 28th to 29th, with the eager anticipation of family members, Aozoom’s first overseas technical training conference in 2023 was held grandly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! This training adopts the “theory + practical + assessment” model, and every link is full of exchanges and collisions of professional knowledge and skills. Under the guidance of Aozoom’s professional technical team and senior modification technicians, everyone can fully understand the brand’s products and technologies and jointly open up a new situation in the field of lighting modification.
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Opening speech

The meeting started with the founder of Aozoom brand delivering a speech for this training meeting.
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He believes that with the rapid development of the industry, lighting modification technology is also constantly innovating and making breakthroughs, and technological progress is also promoting fundamental changes in the market. Aozoom has been deeply involved in the field of automotive lighting for 10 years. It has always focused on development planning, actively captured market opportunities, and provided strong and comprehensive technical support to partners.
In the future, we will continue to go all out around the three major sectors. First, we will increase research and development to improve our product lines and create highly competitive brand products; second, we will accelerate the promotion of information platforms and increase the exposure of terminal brands and products; third, we will We will further develop professional channels, fully promote the construction of technical service systems, and gradually improve the level of training and service quality.

An enthusiastic opening speech and the opening ceremony of Liujinsha kicked off this technical training!
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Course content comprehensive review
Comprehensive review of course content

PART1: The development history and future trends of lighting upgrades
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The times are changing, and the penetration of new technologies in lighting modification is unstoppable. Professional solutions are the basic ability to gain customer attention and recognition. Wu Jiang, founder of Aozoom brand, analyzed in detail the huge development opportunities facing the lighting modification industry.

PART2: Car lamp manufacturing technology and scene application teaching
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At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Jingpo, Director of Aozoom Technology R&D Center, shared in detail the development status of the automotive lighting industry and technical analysis of products, and explained in depth the technical points of automotive lighting manufacturing, allowing the students to have a deeper understanding of automotive lighting manufacturing applications, and at the same time, Aozoom provides a comprehensive understanding of the car light upgrade technology.

PART3: New product release and selling point system explanation

Next, the R&D manager continued to share the new products innovatively developed by Aozoom, and explained the selling points and hot spots of the new products one by one on the spot to help everyone break through the dilemma of homogeneous selling points, find product differentiation, make the product lead its peers, and strengthen the market Competitiveness.
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PART4: Learning the theoretical knowledge of lighting modification

Whether the lighting modification is successful and whether it can be recognized by the customer depends on the professional application knowledge of the modification master.
At the training meeting, Mr. Tang Yongming, a senior modification technician in the industry, was specially invited to teach our students the theory of lighting modification.

Through Tang’s courses, students have a clear understanding of the lighting modification theory. At the same time, Tang also shared with us many experiences in how to demonstrate professional knowledge during the modification process so that customers can gain recognition for the lighting modification plan. case.

PART5: Lighting modification practical operation and assessment

After intense and fulfilling training, the first periodic assessment was also ushered in.
Under the instruction of Aozoom’s professional team and senior modification technicians, the students used Aozoom’s modification learning tools to conduct practical exercises and solve technical difficulties on the spot.
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Result acceptance
Achievement acceptance

After the assessment, at the graduation ceremony, leaders and guests commended outstanding students and issued completion certificates to all students.
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The successful holding of this training has deepened the family’s understanding of Aozoom’s corporate culture and the application of lighting modification technology. I believe that through regular training, we will solve many of the problems we face and stand out in the market competition.