The application of Solar LED lights in municipal lighting

The municipal lighting is a science, a kind of culture and an art. The municipal lighting represents the image of a city and reflects scientific management of a city, which is a social system project. The solar LED lights are very popular with customers by its superior energy saving effect, the humanized lighting control and high cost performance. The solar LED lights is easily accepted by customers with advantages of easy installation, high efficiency and energy conservation, health and environmental protection, safety and harmony, economy and utility. Then where there are enough light sources, there is a development and application market of solar LED lights.

With the rapid development of economy and expanding demand for energy, energy shortage has seriously affected rapid economic development in China. Then full development and utilization of solar energy becomes energy strategic decision of sustainable development around the world. At the same time, pushed by huge potential in international optoelectronic market, photoelectric manufacturers in every country expand investment and production. As the second largest energy consumption country in the world, china is no exception. Photoelectric industry is developing at the growth speed of 30% per year in China. The 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, the call of the new socialist countryside construction, and the indicator of 20% energy decline in next five years offer an unprecedented business opportunity to the solar energy industry.

The preferential policy of renewable resources development and utilization has been put into practice in our country. Solar energy will become a necessity as a kind of renewable energy to replace the traditional non-renewable energy.

Now the application of solar LED lighting has been mature, the existing solar lighting products including: street light series, the courtyard light series, neon light series, modeling landscape light series, signal light series, and household light series, etc. It gets customers and social recognition with high brightness and low cost. Carrying out “energy conservation project” will continue to help people to understand the solar LED products, and then solar LED products will be popularized in every corner of the society.

As people’s cognition for solar LED products is higher and higher, the popularizing rate of solar LED products and solar products will be higher and higher. So will the market. At the same time, with cost decrease of solar LED products, solar products will be used in thousands of families, which achieves “green lighting project” and becomes shining scenery in municipal lighting.