Product Description

Lighting is a very important part of a car’s operation. Every car should have properly functioning headlights so that the car and driver can be seen at night and in other dark conditions, such as in tunnels.

Today some high end cars come with LED auxiliary lamp too. LED lights emit a slightly different hue than standard lights, which are usually made from halogen or xenon. LED lights also have a much longer life and can last up to 30,000 hours without being replaced, which is certainly an advantage. And LED lights take less energy to light up than standard car lights making them a more efficient choice.

Applications for our LED light bars are tremendous, including automotive updating to LED higher lighting solutions, mining vehicles with tighten technology even work in high vibration and harsh conditions, marine boat of our stainless steel brackets, off road purpose SUV with our LED high power chips, ATV/UTV, and also transport vehicles.