Product Description

Our ballasts can easily be used as replacements for any kinds of HID Kit.



AC 1082  Gold 45 9-16
HOMA 1082 Gold

Slim ballast will make a nightmare install into a breeze. If you have a motorcycle, Quad, or even a compact car, this is a most have. The slim ballast is manufactured by SMD and is machine populated. Therefore the margin for error is minimized which reflects in the 0.03% defect rate. This ballast is durable and is water and vibration resistant.Slim and light ballast :

  1. Automatic SMT assembling for the intelligence Chips, the defective rates less than 0.03%.
  2. HOMA Intelligence Chip ishighly matchedwith the original car device; it can well restrain interference to the car system.
  3. 9-16V, wide voltage, high-precision self-control circuit.
  4. High efficiency, higher than 85%. Long lifespan guaranteed (3,000-5,000 hours).
  5. Quick start, lighting up in 0.1S. Fast strobe supported, twice per second.
  6. Full power output standard, 45W
  7. HOMA Intelligence Chip is with excellent voltage output adjustment function. It can match the Tube Voltages from different factories. It can be perfectly working with bulbs from 40V to 150V.
  8. HOMA Intelligence Chip is with all protection functions, constant power, and constant brightness output with different voltage.
  9. Working temperature: -40°C to 105°C.
  10. Built-in Can-bus Warning Canceller circuitcan well restrain interference to the car system.