Product Description

Our ballasts can easily be used as replacements for any kinds of HID Kit.


HOMA 1076 Silver

AC GS 1076 Silver 55 9-16
AC GS 1076 Silver 55 16-34
HOMA 1076 Silver

Slim and light ballast :

Slim ballast will make a nightmare install into a breeze. If you have a motorcycle, Quad, or even a compact car, this is a most have. The slim ballast is manufactured by SMD and is machine populated. Therefore the margin for error is minimized which reflects in the 0.03% defect rate. This ballast is durable and is water and vibration resistant.

General specification:

Life Span ~3500 Hours (approx. 5 years under normal driving conditions)
Voltage Range AC 9V-16V or 16V-34V
Rated Voltage AC 13.5V
Rated Current 3.2A
Output 55W
Working Temp -40 to 105
Reverse Connection Protection Yes, will not damage ballasts & bulbs
Short Circuit Protection Yes – by Digital circuit protection against continuous & intermittent short circuit
Open Circuit Protection Yes – by Digital Recovery Unit when reboot, lock protection in 0.02s after open circuit
Water & Weather Proof Yes – 100% water & weather proof Titanium casing
High Voltage Test Very high tolerance (GND:500VAc/1 min >16mA)
Isolated Resistance Very high (GND > 180M Ω)