Product Description

The goal of GC light is to offer high-performance, high-quality driving lights at accessible prices. Compare the buildquality, performance, and list of inclusions with other offerings on the market and you will conclude that our driving light is the most worth thing.

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Our key focus was on driver confidence, by increasing the beam throw the driver has longer analysis time. We maximized driver comfort by smoothing out the beam eliminating shadows. We reduced the light wasted in unimportant zones like treetops and immediately in front of the vehicle. The result is a homogeneous, unrelenting beam that will support you well in any adventure.

Model Item GC91112
Max Power 111W
Leds 37Pcs*3W  Osram
Color Temperature 5700K
AMP Draw 9.58A@12V, 4.79A@24V
Operat ing Vol tage 10-30V DC
Operat ing Temperature -40~+60℃elcius
Size(inch) 8.85″
Beam Pat tern Driving Light Beam
Beam Distance @ 1 Lux 777m
Theoret ical Lumen(lm) 9000lm
Effect ive Lumen(lm) 8529lm
Mount ing Bracket 304 Stainless Steel
Lifetime 30000+h
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Housing Die-Cast ing Aluminum
Coat ing Powder Sand Black
Pressure Equal izat ion Vent Yes
Cable Length 800mm
Waterproof Rate IP68
EMC Protection ECE R10, CISPR 25 Class 3
Net Weight 2.5Kg
Package Standard 6Pcs/Carton
Beam Type Protection ECE R112